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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Diwali Sweets

Diwali is the festival sweetness and light decoration that is celebrated all through the big nation called India. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and festive mood in full swing by all Indians living in India or abroad. It is a festival famous for not only lighting diyas and candles, bursting crackers making Rangoli, but also for delicious sweet and mouthwatering recipes.

 People send Mithai in India and diwali sweets from india to their relative and family in neighbour countries, like any other auspicious moment, Diwali is also incomplete without Diwali sweet dishes. On this occasion, every India house is packed with variety of sweets. Days before the festival, the ladies in the house start preparing traditional sweets to be served to the family members, relatives and friends.

 On Diwali, people exchange good wills and best wishes in the form of sweets with their friends and neighbors therefore Diwali can’t even be imagined without sweets and savories that are specially made at home. We have lots of Diwali sweet recipes for making mouthwatering dishes, method of preparation, thousands of healthy foods cookery cuisine and easy tips of serving the delicious recipes.

The list of Indian cuisines and special Diwali sweets recipes are just endless. The Diwali food dishes also depend upon the taste and preferances of people of the various culture and place to place. Whether it is southern part or it is the northern region, several mouth watering sweets are prepared all across India depending upon the prevailing custom and taste of the family members. Following are some of the popular Diwali sweets and side dishes. :

Rice Pudding (Kheer) - The mouth- watering keshar and dry fruit pudding made by rice and mild on Diwali resides a special space in every household of Indian families. This Sweet Kheer recipe is love by Indians and an integral part of Diwali dinner menu, this fragrant and creamy dessert garnished with dry fruits is a must try. It is formation of rice, milk and various kinds of dry fruits, and serve hot or chilled.

Sweet Kesar Rice - Jalebi: a north Indian family cannot do without hot golden jalebi especially on the festive occasion of Diwali. Jalebi can be served all by itself or along with curd.

Coconut Burfi – the South Indian version of the popular burfi: relish the unique taste of sweet squares made from fresh coconut cooked in milk. This burfi. For colorful variation pink/ yellow colors can be added to the preparation.

Gulab jamun: - mouth watering gulab jamun are the all time favorites. On the occasion of Diwali, these delicious softballs cannot be missed out in the menu.

Suji Halwa – Suji Halwa is a very quick making sweet Diwali dish, it is also called the “sheera”, and this is the mouth watering combine of roasted sooji, water and dry fruits.

Gajar ka Halwa - The dish of Gajar Ka Kalwa is another Diwali sweet that is very popular, hot lip smacking gajar ka halwa garnished with dry fruits cannot be beaten by any other sweet..

Pista Burfi: – another class of tasty sweets is burfi. There is a large variety of burfi made at home on this festive occasion. Some of the favorite ones are khoya burfi kaju burfi gajar ki burfi, pista- badam burfi.

Ladoo: lodoo is the typical Indian sweet present at the top o the menu on all ominous occasion like a pooja, birth, marriage or a festival like Diwali. Lodoo can be made of khoya, or baisin or bundi. Then there are motichoor lodoo or modak which is essential on the occasion of Diwali as it not only liked by all but also the favorite of lord Ganesha.

Shakkarpare - Shakkarpare are prepared in a north Indian home not only on Diwali but on other festivals also because these melting in mouth sweets can be relished for a longer period due to their long shelf life.

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